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Benefits & Pensions

We carefully analyze our client’s requirements and adapt a plan to meet their budgetary needs. By securing quotations from various insurers, we can offer our clients the most cost-effective plan tailored to suit their needs.

As Group Benefit and Pension brokers, we ensure your insurer is providing you with the service that best suits yours and the needs of your employees.

Click on your insurance provider in order to find specific information about your insurer’s group benefit program.


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Key Employee Insurance

How would the unexpected death of a key employee impact your business? The financial solution providers at Eclipse Financial help you develop a risk management plan in order to mitigate the impact. We analyze your specific needs, develop and implement a plan, and offer on-going administration of your risk management plan.

Executive Compensation Plans

We help you tailor your employee benefits in order to vary them among your company’s employees and key executives. Talk to us about fringe benefits including Executive Bonus, Deferred Compensation, and Split Dollar. Executive compensation plan services include needs analysis, plan design, implementation, and on-going management.

Our Executive Compensation & Risk Management plans include:

  • Retirement Compensation Arrangements (RCA)
  • Supplemental Executive Retirement Plans (SERP)
  • Individual Pension Plans (IPP)