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Young woman shopping with a credit card

A Brighter Financial Future for Teens

Kids grow fast. In the blink of an eye, they become teenagers. While they develop into their unique selves and grow, so can their bank accounts. The more they learn now about their finances, the more likely it is that it will stick with them in the future.

Here are some tips and tools to get your teen engaged:
Understanding Money Management: Empowering teens to build and follow budgets can help them develop confidence in managing their finances. Cultivating positive financial habits can begin with small steps, such as keeping track of income from part-time jobs, allowances, or gifts. By monitoring their expenses and identifying areas where they can reduce spending, teens can begin to make progress in savings.
Get a Taste of Saving: Starting to save can be a great motivator for teens. Achieving a savings goal, being able to make that special purchase, or having money set aside for unexpected expenses can build financial confidence and encourage them to continue to save.
Investing Can Be Fun: Now that your teen has experienced the benefits of saving, it’s a great time to introduce them to investing. You may be thinking, wow, that’s early. But it isn’t. It’s a great time to start seeing their hard work grow even quicker by getting a head start. The concept of teaching your child about this might intimidate you. It’s okay… your Solutions Providers would happily introduce your teens to investing.
Credit Shouldn’t be a Bad Word: Teaching teens how credit scores work and the importance of paying bills on time can mediate the downsides of debt. With this early knowledge, they can establish a solid foundation for responsible credit use, allowing them to make those big dream purchases in the future with a bit more ease.
Smart Spending: In today’s online shopping world, spending money is instant. Learning the difference between wants and needs, shopping around for deals, and being aware of the risks associated with online shopping can help your teen become savvy spenders. Knowing how to protect your digital wallet is vital. Introduce them to 2-step verifications for protection and teach them the importance of one-time passwords and financial alerts.

Teaching your kids about finances is a great way to engage with them and express your confidence in them. It’s a good thing and can also be fun at the same time. If you need an extra hand to get started, our Solutions Providers are here to help.