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Your organization and employees deserve to thrive

Offering innovative benefits, tailored wellness plans, pensions, and financial planning support to your staff are all incentives you can harness within Eclipse Financial to promote a work environment that cultivates productivity and happiness within the walls of your organization.


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Attract new talent

Reduce your payroll expenses

Greater retention of your key employees

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Reduces out-of-pocket expenses

Access to better retirement investment funds

Protection for you and your family's health

Convenient to monitor fund performance (GRS)

Proper group benefits and savings plans can help your organization attract and retain talented employees. When staff thrives, so does your organization, setting you both up for success.

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Products you can rely on:

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Health Care

Drug, Vision, Hearing, Preferred Hospital, Paramedical, Medical Supplies, Travel Insurance

Healthcare benefits are essential to employee engagement, productivity, and retention, providing your organization with a competitive edge in the employment market.

icon dental care

Dental Care

Basic, Major, Orthodontic

Maintaining good oral hygiene can lead to better overall health. Providing dental care to employees supports healthy habits that can lead to brighter smiles and better health.

icon disability care

Disability Programs​

Short /Long Term Disability

Disability insurance protects your employees financially at times of illness or injury, allowing them to focus on recovery. Providing continued income during a disability is an important safety net that relieves employees of financial burdens.

Icon insurance


Life, Critical and AD&D, Business Insurance

Protecting yourself and your family when unforeseen circumstances arise is a good idea; having protection in place helps mitigate the impact of an injury and/or serious illness and can also keep an organization running smoothly.

Icon wellness


Employee Assistance Program, Physician on Demand, Health Spending, Wellness Spending

A wellness program can greatly improve the lives of your employees. In today's fast-paced world, companies should prioritize the physical and mental well-being of their staff to support their health and the overall performance of the organization.

Icon retirement

Retirement & Savings Plans

RRSP, TFSA, Defined Contribution Pension Plans

Group retirement and short-term savings plans empower employees and provide peace of mind that their financial future is moving in the right direction. Alleviating personal financial burdens can lead to loyalty within an organization.


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