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Patient Care… Anytime, Anywhere

We've all been in a situation where either we or our child has become sick, and the thought of waiting hours in a doctor's office or emergency room seems unbearable. Even minor appointments can accumulate in a lot of time. It can be exhausting between the travel, waiting, and finally, the appointment itself. Time is precious. On average, Canadians attend 7.6 medical appointments annually*.

Consider how many hours that takes up, and the effect on sick leave allowance. It can even encroach on vacation time. There is a solution to this… we call it “Physician on Demand”.
What is “Physician on Demand”?
It provides services to employees and their immediate family to see a doctor, psychologist, counsellor, or nutritionist remotely from their phone via video chat at their convenience 24/7.  
Virtual Doctors:
It’s simple. With 24/7 access to virtual care, members can connect directly with a doctor or nurse practitioner by encrypted text and video from anywhere in Canada. Prescriptions (sent to pharmacy), referrals to specialists, lab work and imaging requests are some personalized virtual care services offered.
Virtual Counsellor:
It’s crucial for employees affected by mental health issues to have direct access to compassionate mental health professionals. The employee assistance program (EAP) provides mental health support and work/life services for employees and their families. Employees can access support 24/7 without the added frustrations of trying to find available support on their own.  
Meet with a Nutritionist:
Providing your employees with the option to connect with a nutritionist can be extremely beneficial to improve their overall health and wellbeing. They may require assistance in adapting to new dietary restrictions or may be looking to get back to a healthy routine. Whatever their goals may be, this service can provide the essential support they require.
The Physician on Demand program offers convenient access to health and wellness services, promotes a stress-free work environment, increases productivity, and decreases absenteeism.
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